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Hiking Moeciu Area

Hiking Moeciu Area is an opportunity to visit Moeciu resort, a dream place at the feet of the Bucegi Mountains

Hiking Moeciu Area – Moeciu is situated in the Rucar-Bran corridor at the north-western foot of the Bucegi Mountains and the eastern foot of the Piatra Craiului Mountains. It’s one of the oldest access routes between two main Romanian provinces: Ardeal and Tara Romaneasca.

Situated about 30 km from Brasov in a very picturesque natural setting, Moieciu has become in the recent years an important holiday destination for tourists from the country and abroad.

Situated only 10 km from Bran Castle, Moeciu welcomes you with the charm of mountain villages. The enchanting landscape invites you to hike, and the clean and fresh air is at home.

Why chose to go Hiking Moeciu Area then?

Moeciu resort is known for its natural factors, the invigorating, stimulating bioclimate, the clean air free of dust and allergens.The pine and beech forests on the surrounding heights provide the resort with a strong ozone air, giving it a specific air of intramountain depression.

Hiking Moeciu AreaSituated in a geographic ensemble of a special picturesque landscape with an exceptional landscape perspective, surrounding areas with a strong historical charge, the village of Moeciu de Jos is the ideal starting point for Hiking Moeciu Area in order to visit the many tourist attractions.

The mountain area in which Moeciu is located, between the two national parks Bucegi and Piatra Craiului, creates favourable conditions for the organization and development of rural tourism.

Ski lovers can reach by car in less than 30 minutes to the small cable car area in Fundata village, the new area in Bran or Poiana Brasov.

Still not convinced? Hiking Moeciu Area is perfect for kids also

Discover, find, research! You won’t believe how thirsty for knowledge children can be if you know how to arouse their curiosity. Plus, as a “side effect’”, your little ones will become keen adventurers. Guaranteed!

Dip your palms in the cool, clear pond water to cool your face and neck. Discover different types of mosses in the forest, observe bees and butterflies in the meadow, feed the goats!

Teach your little ones to do the same! Hiking Moeciu Area is perfect for them because most of the trails are of low intensity. Many of them can be taken at a leisurely pace and considered more of a nature walk than a proper mountain trail.

So, if you are the lucky „owner” of a family, you can pack your bags. Hiking Moeciu Area is waiting for you!

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